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Oh, just life and stuff.

11/14/12 by Chrlinatro

LIfe has been just meh lately.
Haven't been able to draw well lately, nothing has been inspiring me enough... I need to work on that more.
I really want to make something great to put in the art portal.
I don't think I have the patience for hardcore animation, but I've been practicing a bit with it. Might help if I have real life models to help me out on it. I just do little gifs for friends here and there...
Other than all that I've been wasting away watching Sgt Frog and playing various video games.
The end.
Also, enjoy this old as fuck picture I drew.

Oh, just life and stuff.


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So, how have you been? Just lurked your dA... no new art posted lately (and even less here).

Maybe make a new post here? I'd love to commission some work, but I'm not working and money's tight thanks to my father passing away just before Christmas... but am still hoping to patronize soon!



Merry Christmas Chrl! Wishing you plenty of love, warmth and color!



Hey! You're back! I haven't been on here for months, so it's good to see you didn't delete your account. :P
I remember U sayin in a private message about a yr ago that you would make a picture for me, & then U kinda disappeared off the face of the earth. LOL! I'm glad you're still trying to channel your creativity though, that's what matters. This 1 is pretty good. :-)

12/21/12 Chrlinatro responds:

O.O I don't recall this PM, I shall look it up in my inbox! I'm sorry that I disappeared for a while. I was having troubles with my art for a long time.



The support is appreciated and touching :3
It's just really nice to see an artist such as yourself, use so many vibrant and different colors!
If I don't get time later, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart (okay, it turned into a holiday song lyric, but the sentiment is still there:)

12/18/12 Chrlinatro responds:

N'awww, thank you ever so much! It means a lot. <3333333
You're welcome. <3
Happy Christmas to you as well. <3



Sorry I haven't been around to cheer you on (or cheer you up)- I have a dA account, but hardly ever use it. 'Super-storm' Sandy knocked my power out for 7 1/2 days, and my Pop is dying in hospital :(
Your gif's are amazing! You could really give the 'professionals' here a run for their money if you were to animate something.

12/12/12 Chrlinatro responds:

Aww, it's all good. I'm soo very sorry to hear of this horrible news!! I hope things work out. :'c *hugs* I watched you on dA, my username there is Pshychoinabox <3



So your plan is to make all of us not unsee your work -_0, hmm? It's every artists wish!
If you had to animate something, what would it be about? Doesn't have to be elaborate; maybe a short animated story book, just to get your feet wet (the public's demanding, isn't it?)

11/15/12 Chrlinatro responds:

Aw yiss. ;D
If I had to animate something I would want it to be someone taring themselves apart very gruesomely. <33
A storybook animation sounds like a good first step. o: <3 Thanks, you demanding citizen! lol I kid.



Artistic ennui is like writer's block: best cure is to live life (or drink heavily).
Really disappointed at NG for the low scores some of your more recent drawings have garnered... I think, unlike yourself, they haven't lived (or observed) life the way you have. Your work has a great blend of skill and creativity :3

11/14/12 Chrlinatro responds:

You are very kind. <3 Thanks so much. n w n
I don't mind about the scores I get, I'm only glad so many people look at them... Even if they don't like it, they can never erase the mental images! Mwaha!