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Well golly gee wiz. I forgot you all existed and that I even had an account here. I finally got a tablet to draw on my god computer, still don't have any professional program though, I've just been using Gimp. Fucking Gimp... Anyhow, I hope anyone reading this is doing well and enjoys anything I end up posting from here on out. 


Oh, just life and stuff.

2012-11-14 04:08:35 by Chrlinatro

LIfe has been just meh lately.
Haven't been able to draw well lately, nothing has been inspiring me enough... I need to work on that more.
I really want to make something great to put in the art portal.
I don't think I have the patience for hardcore animation, but I've been practicing a bit with it. Might help if I have real life models to help me out on it. I just do little gifs for friends here and there...
Other than all that I've been wasting away watching Sgt Frog and playing various video games.
The end.
Also, enjoy this old as fuck picture I drew.

Oh, just life and stuff.

Kind of bored...

2012-10-25 05:15:54 by Chrlinatro

Awww yeuh, so I was looking through my old drawings and thought that I should share with you all something very very old. <3 I've come such a long way, I don't even know if you'd call it progress, I feel like I haven't gotten too much better, but I have at least changed. I'm not really sure, but I hope you guys enjoy this crap I used to draw.
In other news I haven't been up to much at all. Drinking tea, playing games...Not much else has been up. x_x I'm a horrible person! AHHH~~ anyways~

Kind of bored...

Lazy bum.

2012-10-10 20:17:38 by Chrlinatro

Welp. I've been out of school for a couple months now, and still haven't found a job. XD Went back to ask my teachers if they knew of any places hiring, and they gave me a few. So here's hoping...
As for art...I've been even lazier. Did a few commissions, but lost my inspiration. I MUST GET BACK INTO THE GROOVE, DANG IT.
I think it'll happen soon. I'm feeling really happy lately. :3 That usually helps. > w >

ANYWAYS. >:o I love you people. <3

How I usually feel:

Lazy bum.


2012-01-07 23:17:28 by Chrlinatro

So, I hadn't been really active in art for a long time, but the start of this year has inspired me for some reason. I'm trying to get back into the habit of drawing full-page pictures. Trying to cover every bit, or at least let the picture be A PICTURE.
I have been very busy with school and I usually never want to do anything. My creative spirit has been being poured into more stuff like scarves,earrings, and fruit.
Me and my classmate, Ryan, made this melon together! Thought I would share it with you guys on Newgrounds. <3
(ryan) MELON (me) lol


o.o <3

2011-07-02 12:58:19 by Chrlinatro

So, I'm realizing how awesome Newgrounds really is. You see, on deviantArt I neeever got many page views or views on my work, but here on Newgrounds I've gotten front paged and I have 11K views on my last picture that was front paged. That's really all I have ever wanted: People to see it. I don't care if you like it, if you hate it...I just want you to see it. I want the world to see it. I don't know why, but that's just what I want. C: I want to inspire, to infect your mind with my work. Even if you hate it, it's still in your brain, and it influences you whether you want it to or not.
So thank you for everything! <33
I love you guys. <3
*is all mushy* X3

o.o <3

Another one?

2011-06-13 10:06:36 by Chrlinatro

Another front page. <3
I am so happy I joined this site. Seriously...Best self-esteem boosts ever. <3

Thank you all.


2011-04-22 19:57:49 by Chrlinatro

4th time this year so far!
I am so happy. T.T <3
Thank you newgrounds Gods! <33
I am about to post more art I did today! YAY!


2011-04-16 09:52:40 by Chrlinatro

No luck finding uh job. No luck selling art cause I SUCK ASS.
Maybe I'm just destined to be a NEET for the rest of my life. Fuuuuck.
My art just keeps going down hill, it's not noteworthy and it's a piece of shit. I only do it for fun, so I don't really give a fuck what people think anyways, but some sort of cash flow would be nice.
Life is a giant whore and it can suck my hairy sweaty smelly ball sack.
Fuh realz.

I just spent all night watching hey Arnold on Netfilx. I HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE. Though I do love that show, sure did bring back many feelings and memories, but that's all they are and they mean nothing to you people. SO whatever. >n>

P.s people suck sometimes. Well...mostly. Mostly all the time.


2011-03-05 21:04:20 by Chrlinatro

Prices are negotiable. I'm not that expensive T.T
I am begging you people for money at this point.