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Lazy bum.

2012-10-10 20:17:38 by Chrlinatro

Welp. I've been out of school for a couple months now, and still haven't found a job. XD Went back to ask my teachers if they knew of any places hiring, and they gave me a few. So here's hoping...
As for art...I've been even lazier. Did a few commissions, but lost my inspiration. I MUST GET BACK INTO THE GROOVE, DANG IT.
I think it'll happen soon. I'm feeling really happy lately. :3 That usually helps. > w >

ANYWAYS. >:o I love you people. <3

How I usually feel:

Lazy bum.


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2012-10-11 02:15:04

Figures - first post I see since I left the hospital, where my Pop's now severely medicated for pain....
Hope your teachers didn't feed you a bum steer, and you get some appropriate gig going on :)

Chrlinatro responds:

Awwwh.. :'c <3
Thank you~


2012-10-12 20:18:01

the person looks like shit. but epic work. i just made 2 art myself.


2012-10-13 01:45:38

OHEY! llook who it is! :)

*shares* ;t=33m27s